Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Dear Richard!

First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work and courage to serve us-the-idiots (We the People, if you wish) with your wonderful book!

I just took my Red Pill several weeks ago in a form of the truth discovery for the matters of 2001 9/11 events. To be more precise, my personal discovery of the fact that the official explanations have absolutely nothing to do with the truth. Your book is the only tool I discovered so far which was able to help me with the recovery from the shock of this red pill. For those of us who will chose a path of doing such a research about 9/11 analysis of the events and as a result will find a magnitude of shock being somewhat unbearable, I would suggest having Escaping The Matrix book handy.

At that point, even worst had happen to me: I realized that I have not seen this Matrix film yet and therefore I did not know what are these references to red pill/blue pill in the book are about. So, I watched this film. Oh well, coupled together with the 9/11 matters and the historical overviews in your book, the main idea of this film added to the shock to the point of something like schizophrenic mind condition, when one does not know anymore what is real, what is not, and wants just to escape from it all into a delusional fantasy world. Again, thanks to your book which suggests some possible lights in the end of this tunnel and helps to sort it all out in the end, there is a hope then.

Even before I finished reading my copy, I had ordered 8 more copies (all I could afford at a time) for giving it to some people who I care for, especially some teens (kids) who absolutely must read it (well, everyone who can read should read it). And I will do everything I can to make them to. As well as I will ask these kids to read it out-loud to their parents, who as we all know, hide behind the fact of absence of time for anything else but work and entertainment. I also think of it as my personal modest contribution to your cause. Well, shell we say, our cause?

During these several weeks I also discovered that the most people who I was distributing the free copies of this red pill of my discoveries, which I constantly trying to serve out, the most individuals choose to take a blue pill instead. But that would be a different subject altogether, I suppose.

Thank you again for your great contribution into trying to save this world. The current nuclear, biological and chemical destructive power of our modern weapons being on stand-by around the Globe is such that, if unleashed, it will be more than enough to wipe it all off, and many times over. That will include our wealthy elites, who will not last significantly longer in their strategic bunkers either. I am not sure though that our western elite are in a position of recombining with eastern elite. Neither they are with Middle Eastern elite, as it can be seen in many cases. I can only hope that We the People still have enough time for this noble task of saving this world. Do we?

Igor Kouzminykh, Information Technology / electrical engineer


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